Material Handling

With the emphasis placed on Health and Safety in the workplace and the rising cost of materials, efficient handling minimises risk of strains etc from manual lifting up onto machines and reduces material spillages.
Whatever your requirement, if you have to move material from A to B we have equipment to provide a solution for your particular needs.

Hi- Class Machinery has broad experience of transferring virgin polymer, regrind, masterbatch and powder materials to various heights and across varying distances, which enables us to assist the customer in identifying the best solution for every scenario.

Within our range we can offer:

  • Simple compressed air Venturi loaders with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Single phase loaders with automatic filter cleaning.
  • 3 phase loaders.
  • Complete turnkey material handling systems.
  • Mechanical Spiral feeders

We can offer material trial facilities here in Rushden to ensure that our suggestions are the most suitable for each application.